UCS User M365 E3 (Fully Managed)

$51.00 / month and a $51.00 sign-up fee

UCS User M365 E3 (Fully Managed) by Unified Cloud Solutions provides the software, management, security, and training for each user. CMMC level 2 compliant by mid-2023.

UCS User M365 E3 (Fully Managed) Enables you and your team to get to work while we take care of the technical details. This managed solution enables a secure remote-first user. This package includes:

  • Unified Cloud Solutions Proprietary Information Architecture tailored to your business
  • Provisioned Office Apps
  • Managed and secured collaboration and authoring services
  • Device Management As a Service
  • Security As a Service
  • Compliance As a Service
  • On-demand security training and reporting
  • CMMC Level 2 Compliance by Mid 2023
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